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Holiday Sale

2015-11-28 02:54:26 by Pegagamer

Commissions Open!

Doing a Holiday $5! Pastels and normal art! Full body and head shots only $5!

For pastel sheets google "pastel palette tumblr" and send me a pallet. If not just send me your reference sheets and I'll do what I can.
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Payment is PayPal. Message me for more info or you'd like to request!

Examples bellow



2015-10-03 11:54:29 by Pegagamer


I am doing an emergency commission sale! Sadly no color but I'm willing to do some AWESOME line art comics no matter how extravagant!

You see there's this cat we're wanting to get not only to be a member of our family, but as a companion animal for my fiance. And we're hoping to at least raise $100 for us to get him for adoption fees but the 300 in case for the apartment deposit for animals because my fiance has to go in to get a letter from his doctor about it.

Either way we need your help! I'm willing to do some line art pictures and I usually only charge $5-$8 but for now it's only gonna be $9 because of the emergency. If possible PLEASE spread the word we're only asking for help because it's so sudden... We went in Thursday asking to hold him but they said they'd hold him till MONDAY. PLEASE PLEASE message me for commissions and spread the word. This will mean a lot not only to my fiance but to the cat as well..


2015-09-16 13:30:06 by Pegagamer

Come watch me draw!

Commission Rules(Edited)

2015-01-18 14:14:57 by Pegagamer

1) Don't get angry at me if it isn't what you expected.
2) I do not do fetish art. By that I mean Vore, Inflation, Feeder, Shemales, Clop, Seahorse Mpreg, necrophilia, etc.. I do not mean to offend I just don't draw that and if I get any requests such as these I will not draw it. You may like it but that is not what I want on my page..
3) If you are to post it on your DeviantArt/Tumblr/Newgrounds I REQUIRE you to credit me. If I find my art on your DeviantArt/Tumblr/Newgrounds without credit and you claiming it's yours you WILL be asked to add credit or there will be a problem. If you refuse I WILL report for thievery.
4) Be patient with me. I may be working on other projects or I'll be busy, my boyfriend and I currently share a laptop so be patient.
5) I can draw your OCs. I will give credit to you for said character(s)
6) I charge $2US for sketches, $4US for Line art and US$8 for full color If you want a bundle or certain drawings Full body is $5US head shots are $3US and bundle is $8US. If you want a picture please expect that it will go into the doubles. For example if you a line art full body that will be $11US
7) I only accept PayPal Payments.

Hi there!

2015-01-18 12:56:20 by Pegagamer

Hi! My name's PegaGamer. I'm an artist from DeviantArt and Virtual Pets List to promote my art and expand my areas. If anyone needs commissions done I'm willing to do so! But that's a different post.

Anyway just sayin' hi so... HI!